If Wishes Were Horses

Written by debo on July 23rd, 2009


If wishes were horses my house would be filled with poop. Well, it would. I know it’s jaded and negative but life is like that.

Here I am having a coffee at my 1950’s plastic laminate table, listening to Psychobilly. I wonder how many other women have sat at this table with the very same thoughts and frustrations.

It’s so nice in the morning, listening to everyone else hurrying off to their world of urgent doom. Yes, I wish I had somewhere to go, only because a paycheck keeps the wolves from the door, no other reason. I love staying home along with the new mommies and the Neighborhood Watch Crones (NWCs). If anything is going on, believe you me that NWCs know what’s happening. Hubby, started working from home and one of the NWCs wanted to know if he was working from home now. I think she was fishing to see if he still had a job. Oh boy, want a busy-body.

Busy-bodies have their place. They keep an eye on your stuff! You know that life’s all about your stuff. Dragging your stuff forward is very tiring, so I’ve started a cleaning out. All closets will be empty! Well, that’s harder than it sounds. I’m having a love affair with a coat. I’ve been trying to donate my size 10 coat for the last five years. It doesn’t fit me, it’s out of style, and it’s mildewed. Who would want it? That’s it! I’ve finally convinced myself to let it go. Maybe. We’ll see

I think there are two people living inside me: the old person with the faltering body and the hot Rockabilly-loving chick. Got to be careful, might throw something out of whack if I shake it too much. LOL

Rockabilly appeals to me. Rough, driving beat, screw the Man! Authority is one of my pet peeves. I think I’m stuck in my teenage years. I am the Man! My idea of wonderful weekend use to be camping out at a rock concert but now the perfect weekend consists of wearing the same pajamas all weekend and not leaving the house for any reason.

Are there exercises for Cocooning middle aged Rockers? Reaching for the Wii remote, one, two, one, two, be careful don’t strain too much. I just know that Sofa Exercising is going to be a best seller.

Is it better to burn out fast or grind down to barely functioning? If we could look back, which we can’t, I’d think we want to do everything fast, hard, and at least once. The heck with being safe! Oh crap, did I defrost the ground Turkey for dinner?

Well, enough complaining for today!

Snatch you later,

Debo Ing


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