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Written by debo on August 5th, 2009

Bunny Hen
Evidently people in Cary, North Carolina think that eggs come from Grocery Stores and not chickens.  They certainly don’t understand why anyone would want to raise chickens in their own backyard.  The Backyard Chicken debate is raging!

Cary is a progressive Town but it’s short sighted in many ways.  There are Signage Laws (you can barely find businesses, the signs are kept so well hidden), Bathrobe Laws (can’t go to your mailbox in your bathrobe), Leash Laws for Cats and Dogs (Have you ever seen a cat do a croc death-roll on a leash?), yet they still let people keep their dogs tied to trees 24/7; but that’s another story.

There are approximately three hundred families in Cary that want to raise Chickens in their back yards.  They’ve worked tirelessly to attain this privilege and yet the response that we get from the town council is a pat on our little heads, a dismissal that this is a phase which will pass, and the fear that children will see chickens being brutally murdered.  When you keep chickens, they quickly become your pets and part of your family and eating them is not on the menu.  Ha Ha, sorry, couldn’t help myself. 

I think it’s really funny that people think its okay to buy eggs, chicken meat, and compost but that it’s weird that anyone would want to Farm in their own yard.  You know what?  Cary used to be a Farming Community, well known for its Dairy Farms.  Milk comes from Cows.  Beef comes from Cows.  Eggs come from Chickens and most everything we eat is grown in the ground which is, OM GOSH, dirt.  Oh  NO, DIRT!

Do you remember Victory Gardens and people keeping chickens for Egg Money?  During the Depression, keeping Chickens saved a lot of families from starvation and from losing their homes.  During WWII, Victory Gardens kept fresh vegetables on the tables. Chickens are not just a way to have fresh eggs but also a way to stretch the dollar.

Get a grip people, all we’re asking is to have a few Hens, not (Roosters).  Roosters are not needed to produce eggs.  Hens ovulate every 24 hours, thank goodness humans don’t, which means you can have fresh eggs pretty much all the time.

 Eggs are good source of protein, raising your own is cost effective and in this time of job loss and foreclosures, raising chickens is one more way to make ends meet.

 Do you use a (Garbage Disposal)?  Do you know how bad it is for the water system to put all that food down the drain?  Chickens are garbage disposers.  They eat the scraps from your table, yes, even cooked meat scraps, unless you want your Hens to be vegetarians.  The poop that they produce is a perfect fertilizer which can be composted and used in a Garden which can also be in your back yard.  Do you see the Synergy?  Do you see the Living Green part of this?  Do you see how having Chicken/Hens can benefit your neighborhoods?  People are fascinated by these amazing birds.  Neighbors bring their scraps over for the birds, you get to know your neighbor better, and the neighbor gets fresh eggs.   Everyone benefits!


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